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Entrepreneur & Business Coach Nashville

Management Consulting

Consultant sees everyone as one.

I have 30 years of building businesses, have hired over 1200 people, run multiple operations and learned from mistakes so that my clients do not have to.

Today’s business environment is changing monthly, and what you learned and planned just a few months ago may not apply today.

Entrepreneur & Business Coach Nashville

Life Coach

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a person who can share their EXPERIENCES, WISDOM and ENCOURAGEMENT with another person in a manner that produces real measurable results. Too often, people choose someone who does not have their own system for success but instead, they are just good communicators and make you feel good. If you need a life coach and are not sure who could be the right life coach in Nashville then talk to Gordon Grigg. Gordon Grigg is a leading life coach in Nashville and could be of great help.

Entrepreneur & Business Coach Nashville

Sales Coach

There is an art to selling any product or service. Too often people think that a product should sell itself or that a sales team is performing at maximum capacity because orders are rolling in. The truth is that nothing happens in business until a product or service is sold. Everything leads to that magic moment when an exchange for goods or services takes place.

Gordon Grigg Ventures

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The Premier Media Group

The Premier Media Group is a full-service marketing agency, specializing in social media, digital advertising, SEO, web development and content development. We ensure that your company gets the best ROI possible from its offline and online efforts. From the initial business plan to developing your website, creating social media content to developing an SEO strategy, we help you figure out what works best for your business and how to efficiently execute it.

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The Premier Builder Group

The Premier Builder Group are one of the leading Nashville Builders. Our company is designed for builders, investors, homeowners, realtors and general contractors. The company was founded by Gordon Grigg in 2019 because he saw a need for helping builders, investors, realtors and homeowners create and close projects as large as building multi-housing projects to the smallest of home renovations.

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Gordon Grigg - A Voracious Reader

Forged by Fire: How to Develop an Unstoppable Personal Brand - Mila Grigg

Gordon Grigg has a keen interest in books and has read a great amount of books over a period of time. His greatest strength is to absorb a book in its totality and implement some of the positives in his real life and his businesses.

To know His Story you must know Hers and how Gordon’s wife built up one of the top brand companies in the world!

Forged by Fire: How to Develop an Unstoppable Personal Brand - Mila Grigg

Mila Grigg is now a published author. Her first book, titled, ‘Forged By Fire –  How To Develop An Unstoppable Personal Brand’ is out on Amazon. Now you can order the book and read the entire story.

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