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Something to Say-Stop Political Correctness

Something To Say-Stop Political Correctness

We all have something to say, a story to tell or an opinion to offer, but today’s Political Correctness and the need to always make everyone feel happy has tainted our desire to share the truth for what it really is, TRUTH. Yet, on the other side of the coin, we have more gossip shows, gossip sites and hidden conversations than ever before. What that says is that we want to talk about people, but we do not want others to hold us up to the same individual examination as we give the world around us. We love to walk in judgement of ‘them’ but we do not like to be accurately judged. So, our public persona works on being Politically Correct while our real persona has real opinions and thoughts that never get shared.

In politics, we called men and women of character, Statesmen or Stateswomen. There was a time when people said what they really thought not what the poles told them to say, or fear of the media led them to say. Our leaders actually led, they did not “follow the tail”. What we need today more than ever is Statesmen and Stateswomen. Real leaders who lead for the good of the people and do not shy away from sharing the truth even when it means a dip in the poles.

In our faith, yes religion, we are scared to say what our faith actually says and even more afraid of being held accountable to what we profess. You see, the reality is that not all faiths are the same. Every faith has a determined set of beliefs and one cannot believe in one faith and also agree with the other. Political correctness has led us to a place where we are intolerant, and we shy away from the truth. We prefer to know a little bit about all faiths but not really study and know the beliefs, goals, and final definitions of eternity for each faith. We simply agree with verses explore its truths. People say they accept everything when they have taken truly little time to actually know the facts. We like a lazy faith, because we can all accept partial truth or no truth verses the real truth.

In open discussions: Political Correctness has created an end to individual thought. We want to fit in, so we agree with whatever is popular or we become drama makers with the goal of swaying people to our way of thinking. We rely on ignorance or a lazy testing of one’s words. We want to be spoon-fed our thoughts and ideas. We just do not want to agree to disagree with someone for fear we ever offend someone by expressing our disagreement. We rarely debate actual thought or the validity of one’s actions. We would rather attack the person who disagrees with us, create a stigma of partial truth or seek to destroy them as a person of value. We are better at calling someone a name or placing them in a particular category rather than debate or challenge their thoughts on an intellectual basis. Political Correctness has led to the end of the Noble-Minded Population and brought us to a pool of mediocrity and lack of accountability.

I have failed in so many ways, and I have provided much of the fuel that others have used to create the lies and, in some cases, even attack my family and friends. That was then, and I can say that I have learned a valuable lesson from the experiences. I praise God for his chastisement. The trials of life sharpen our focus, correct our flaws, and provide us a deeper understanding if we call ourselves into accountability and admit our mistakes and then do all we can to correct them. Move forward is the call, share what you know and stop being Politically Correct but rather know what you know, know why you know it, and be able to defend it courteously and kindly and allow everyone else to do the same.