Attack Your Problems

2018 is the year you can choose to own your own shit and make a difference in your future.  I have been home about 4 years now, and I am amazed at the way people are becoming blame experts versus taking responsibility for their own action and choices.  I can remember listening to other inmates say: “It was not my fault” or “Someone told on me” or even better, “I had a hard life, so I deserved a break”.

Now that I am home I hear the similar excuses except we blame the politicians, the news media, the gossiping friends, the neighbors, my job or our love life. Well perhaps the best place to look when it comes to your problems is yourself and the choices you have made.

So, if you are in a mess, here are the best steps for getting out of it.

  1. Decide to get out of the mess, solve the problem and deal with your situation
  2. Accept you are where you are because you made a choice that put you there.
  3. Own your choices and actions and right them down so you don’t make the same mistake again
  4. Ask someone to give you their honest assessment of your situation
  5. Change the direction you are headed, make different choices so you get different outcomes
  6. Make apologies where necessary and reparations when you can
  7. Get up, get started again and move forward

Problems are only solved by actions.  Stop blaming everyone else, the first person you must change is yourself.

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