Benefits of Having a Mentor and Why Everyone Needs One

Whether you’re successful in your professional career or struggling hard to achieve success, you need a mentor in your life. Now you must be wondering why I need a mentor when I am successful and getting enough appraisal for my job. Right? Well, I, Gordon Grigg, a life coach in Nashville Tennessee, will tell you what are the benefits of having a mentor and why everyone should have one despite being successful in their career.

Benefits of having a mentor and why everyone needs one

Why should you have a mentor?

No matter how strong and resilient you are, you will tumble down at some point in your life. This is where you need a life mentor, who will save you with his personal advice and experiences. However, if this is not the case with you and you are lucky enough to enjoy a flourishing career without any major or minor hindrances, your continuous success might mislead you and you may end up becoming lazy to achieve more. This is where a mentor will save you and help you to walk persistently and unfalteringly on your way to success.

What are the benefits of having a mentor?

Not one or two, but there are ample benefits that you can reap if you have a mentor in your life, be it personal or professional life. In fact, there are benefits only. I don’t see any drawbacks to having a mentor. So, let me tell you some of the biggest benefits you can get if you have a mentor.

Continuous support in every situation

In most cases, the people around you will neither wholeheartedly accept your success nor your failure. They will get jealous of your success and will drag you even more down in your failures. However, if you have a mentor, they will stand with you in every situation whether it is bad or good. A Mentor will be there for you in every step of your life and is a true companion to rejoice in your success and speak out your failures with.

Benefits of Having a Mentor and Why Everyone Needs One

They believe in you more than you yourself do

Yes, I know you are strong, determined, and quick to bounce back, but there comes a moment in life when you lose all your self-confidence, though for a temporary time only. You stop believing in yourself and start looking at the negative side of life. This is where you need someone who can tell you that you are still capable enough to do whatever you have dreamt of. Who can do this thing? Obviously, your mentor. Your mentor knows your true potential and refuels you when your self-confidence shakes even a bit.

They give you honest feedback

Getting honest feedback for your work, your personality, or anything is rare. Yes, believe me, it is not easy to get. Most people around you will put a heap of flatters when you are successful and be sympathetic when you fail. You don’t get honest feedback from anyone and you yourself obviously can’t be precisely honest with yourself because you might not even be aware of it. If you have a mentor, they will act like a real mirror in this case and will give you honest feedback. Instead of shouting to the world, they will tell your weaknesses to you only and help you work on them.

They will lift you in your failures

When you fail in your life, the behavior of people around you changes automatically. Yes, believe me. This is a fact. Having someone by your side during such bleak situations is truly a blessing. I am telling you this from my personal experience. My mentees get another level of energy and strength right after their setback when they found me beside themselves.

Feeling low and rejected after a failure is very common. Everybody goes to the phase. In this situation, bouncing back on your own is really difficult because your mental, as well as physical energy, is exhausted. Here, you get the biggest benefit of having a mentor. They will not only hold you tight in such difficult situations but also reminds you how potential you are and how bright a future you can have if you bounce back with all your energy.

They will clarify your doubts

No matter how experienced and expertise you are, you will feel lost and confused somewhere in life. Sometimes, you are in such a situation or confusion that you can’t even explain it to people. Here, you need a mentor to read your mind and clarify your doubt. I, myself as a mentor, can tell you that it might be a difficult situation for you but it is not for mentors because they go through this regularly and deal with it effectively too. So, your mentor will definitely help you clear your doubts and get out of your mazy brain.

They will push you forward when you are afraid to

Planning something and making it happen are two different things. Sometimes, what happens is you plan things perfectly but when it comes to executing them, you are afraid for no reason. You feel nervous. In such an edgy situation, your mentor will motivate you and push you further to take action. They/she won’t let your fear dominate your actions. From his own personal experience or some other ways, your mentor will definitely help you win over this fear.

They will take you on the right path when you are out of track

On the way to achieving goals, it is pretty common for people to get off track. The reason can be any. Their temporary success can mislead them or there could be anything that hinders their continuity in their way to achieving goals. This is where a mentor acts as a savior for you. They show you the right path and don’t let you go down it. They remind you of your goals and dreams continuously and motivate you to achieve them anyhow.

They give you resources to achieve your goal

The biggest benefit of having a mentor is that they provide you with all the resources that you require to achieve your goal. They offer you tools and resources that you are not even aware of. Since your mentor has already gained too much experience in that particular field, they will offer you a bunch of resources that will make your journey much easier. This way you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You get stored energy from your mentor to fuel yourself.

They will ask you questions and will answer to your questions

If new questions are not arising in your mind regarding any particular thing, you are definitely not being attentive enough towards it. As a life coach, I can tell you that asking someone new questions and being asked by someone is a very significant factor in achieving success. In fact, this is the thing that puts you apart from the crowd. Your mentor will answer your every question and help you get out of confusion and doubts. Not just that, They will also throw a bunch of questions regularly at you just to make you understand how deep you are really in the water.

They will rejoice in your success

I’m telling you a fact that you will hardly find a single person around you who is really happy with your success. People will definitely clap and pat you on your back for your success, but somewhere deep in their heart, they will be jealous of your success. Of course, apart from your family, it’s only your mentor, life coach, who will be rejoicing in your success with an open heart.

Where can I find a good mentor?

Well, this is a tricky question actually. Like you, I also wondered the same in my early days. So, I am telling you from my personal experience that there is no particular place or institute where you can get a mentor. You might find a mentor in your home, in your workplace, in your school, in your college, anywhere and they can be anyone like your relatives, your parents, your grandparents, your teacher, your seniors, or just anyone.

It’s all about the vibes and the bonding you share with that person. You two should have the same vibes and must be open to each other. The person you look up to as a mentor must have mentoring skills. However, if you are looking for a professional mentor, there are some universities as well as workplaces that offer a mentorship program. You can look for those institutes and enroll yourself in the program.


Every mentor like me, Gordon Grigg, a life coach in Nashville Tennessee, will tell you hundreds of benefits of having a mentor. Mentors are definitely not saints or angels but they have the power to change your life. This is why get a mentor in your life if you want to succeed no matter at what point in life you are right now.

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