Birds of a Feather Flock Together

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We humans always find people who are like us and love to hang out with those, who have similar interests as ours. And eventually, we accept their qualities and become like them. Even though we do not admit the fact, the people who surround us have a deep influence on our lives. Thus, we should be extremely careful about whom we let into our inner or private circle of life

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker once said that we become like the five people we spent the most time with in our entire lives, so we should choose them carefully. It is also inevitable that by spending most of our days time with them, we are surely going to inherit their habits and start behaving as they do. Thus, you should have a keen watch over the people who are around you. It is not always that both of your interests should be at the same pace and match exactly 100%. It’s definitely not so. But what is important is that the people who surround you should be positive, have a positive mindset, makes you happy, encourages you to be better, and you are proud to have them. If the answer to all these questions is no, then you should definitely rethink your decision of being with them. The quality of your life greatly depends on the people with whom you are surrounded. So, you should be very careful while letting people enter your inner circle. 

Hang out with people who themselves are successful and encourage you to be the same, who are compassionate about what they do, who enjoy life, those who have some goals & dreams in life and work hard towards accomplishing them, and who have similar life values as you do. 

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Do we like to be around people who are similar to us?

Well, large-scale research has been done on this topic, proving that we humans connect more with those, who are similar to us. According to psychologists, the reasons for this are complex. Also, understanding the fact is important, that having a lot of common liking between two people and believing that there is a common interest between those two are two different aspects. These two saying are somewhat related to each other but not exactly the same, as assumptions often tend to get wrong. Also initially assuming about someone that we have a lot in common and when actually knowing about each other, you conclude that your wavelengths do not match, it hurts. 

Researchers such as Amanda Fisher Boyd, Adam Hampton, and Susan Sprecher have proposed and studied various reasons why similarities between two people increase their liking for one another. 

  • Consensual validation- Two people who have the same attitude make each other feel confident about their attitudes toward the world. If you like electro-funk music, someone who has a similar interest will surely connect to you faster. Then both of them will get each other’s acceptance. 
  • Certainty of being liked- If someone has a lot of points in common with us, then he is more likely to like us more and in return, we also like them, if we think so. 
  • Cognitive Evaluation- Cognitive evaluation is a feature where we form expressions about others regarding the information that we have in hand. Through this, we feel a connection with the person and can analyze what qualities are common between the two of us. You also feel positivity about the person as they can match your vibrations. Cognitive Evaluation helps us assume that the other person is exactly like us with somewhat similar positive characteristics. 
  • Self-Expansion Opportunity- According to this theory, you can conclude, that the benefit of acquainting with new people and spending time with them is that you also get to learn various new things, and gain new experiences & knowledge. Even in the true sense, if you connect with someone who is dissimilar to you, then you tend to gain more knowledge, learn new & exciting things, and get to learn about new stuff that you haven’t done before. But as per the research, we humans do not try any unconventional way and interact with people who have similar interests as ours. 
  • Enjoyable & Fun interactions- Psychologically if we think, it is more cool and easy to hang out with those, whom we are quite familiar with and share some common grounds of interest. 

How to surround yourself with good people

In the words of  Tony Robbins, a famous American author, we all want success. It might be in the field of business, the field of relationships, or the field of finances. But to find fulfillment in all these areas, you need to surround yourself with positive people, who can raise your standards and help you grow and succeed in life. Getting rid of people who impact your life with negativity is really important, as they pull you down. 

Proximity is power key, as the people with whom we spend our maximum time, are who we ultimately become. In order to reach new heights of success we need to be surrounded by inspiring and positive people who challenge our inner potential. This process is not easy but trusts me, it is worth it for your bright and better future. Listed below are some points that will assist you in knowing how to be surrounded by positive people.

  • We all have certain goals in our life so you should be in constant search of such people who share the same ambition as yours and helps you to grow.
  • Letting go of negative relationships is the best way to stay away from toxicity. Thus, you should look for good people who can change your mindset and help you be yourself.
  • Identifying positive people who can be a part of your inner circle is extremely important. Positive people are usually smart and hardworking people, who are dreamers and positive thinkers. 
  • In order to accelerate your success, it is extremely important to surround yourself with positive people. For finding someone to connect with you can either join a professional group or connect with a life coach

Final Words:

I Gordon Grigg, a business consultant and life coach from Nashville, Tennessee hope that this guide has shown you the true meaning of the phrase, ‘Birds of the same feather flock together.’ Through this study, you might have understood that people with the same liking may connect to each other extremely well but it is more important that they should have a positive mindset and leaves a favorable impact on your lives. Relationships are a long-term journey, so we should be very particular in choosing the people who are in the inner circle of life. So, now I hope that you will look deep into the inner circle of your life and filter out all the negative people and try to find and surround yourself with those who give you positivity & motivation to flourish in life.