Finding the Purpose of your Life

“What is the purpose of your life?” Though this question seems to be fairly simple, most people I have come across don’t have an answer for this one or are trying to figure it out.

I am Gordon Grigg, a life coach in Nashville, Tennessee working with the aim of helping my clients reach their goals. I often receive emails from people asking me to help them find out what they are passionate about or what is their life purpose. Well, the answer to this question is neither straight nor simple.

In this blog, I will share my ideas about what is life purpose and how can you find the purpose of your life. My thoughts are mainly from my experiences, my approach towards life and the people I have worked with as a life coach. Here are few things you should consider:
• I think introspection is very important to understand what is our aim in life. The more you dig deeper into yourself, the more you learn what you want to do in life. Find things that make you truly happy and you always look forward to. These are the things that will help us know and complete our life’s purpose.
• Try to understand what makes you truly happy, what drives you to move ahead in life, when do you feel a true sense of satisfaction. Ask yourself these questions and note down the answers. Create a vision statement for yourself, and the things you need to do to achieve your vision. Though the individual answers may seem vague, but you will surely be able to connect the dots later on and look at the bigger picture.
• Surround yourself with positive people and people who inspire you. Hear them, learn from their experiences, and try to share your life experienced with them. The more positivity you surround yourself with, the easier it is to find your purpose in life. Try to stay away from negative people, in your family, job, friends, network or anywhere else in the community.
• Do not confuse success for purpose of life. You need to find your personal life purpose, what do you really want to do. Once, you get these answers, you will realize how this understanding guides you through the ups and downs of life.
• Learn from your failures and convert messes into learning experiences. You will be surprised how a failure or an untoward incident can help you figure out the purpose of your life.

Being Gordon Grigg, a life coach in Nashville, TN, I always tell people that following your life purpose is an ongoing process, not a long term or a short-term goal. So, don’t try to look for quick answers or try to imitate what someone else is doing. Remember, you are a unique individual and your calling for life will be unique too.

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