How can Entrepreneurs have Self-discipline and Follow Time Management?

In the recent years, especially after Covid 19, the world has witnessed a sudden boost in the number of work-from-home entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is really cool and if you are doing it from your home, it actually becomes cooler. Right? After all, you can work from your home. You don’t have to wake up every morning, dress yourself up, and walk to your office to get to work. Sounds cool, no? Well, but it is not. I, Gordon Grigg, a life coach in Nashville, Tennessee telling you that, work-from-home entrepreneurs have self-discipline issues.

No matter how determined and resolute you are, you will face discipline issues when you have to follow something for 30 days throughout the year. Wait, don’t panic. There are some ways that can help you overcome this problem easily. Here, I am going to talk about them.

Make a schedule

Yes, I know you are a very hard-working person and work day in and out to achieve your goal, but believe me, working without any systematic way is only going to make you messy. Literally, it will not take you anywhere. So, the first step for an entrepreneur to self-discipline while working from home is to create a schedule for him/herself and strictly follow it without any excuses. A systematic schedule will help you know how much you have to work in a day.

Work consistently but not continuously

I appreciate your enthusiasm and understand that as a work-from-home entrepreneur you want to work tirelessly and live your dream as soon as you can, but it is very important to take regular breaks throughout the day. Don’t stay seated in your working chair for long hours. Make sure to take regular breaks, which will not only refresh your mind but also keep your physical health good. Here, understand the difference between being consistent and being continuous.

How can entrepreneurs have self-discipline and follow Time Management?

Dressing nicely does matter

When working from home, you have the flexibility to work in your pajamas, right? Well, you have flexibility, but it does not mean that you should wear pajamas at work. If you really want to be self-disciplined, just put all your PJs and loungewear aside and dress like you are working in an office. It will impart a sense of energy and zeal.

Keep the working environment neat and clean

The biggest drawback of working from home is that people end up creating a messy and cluttered environment around their working space. Unknowingly, but this happens. Like, you eat something and put the plate on the working table, you drink your coffee and put the mug on the table, you charge your mobile and put the charger on the table, and many other such little things. You yourself create a very untidy workspace for you that affects your work productivity and body energy to a great extent. This is why make sure to maintain a clean and clutter-free workspace.

Have a dedicated workspace

As a work-from-home entrepreneur, you have the flexibility to work anywhere at any time from your home. Right? But, don’t make this flexibility your habit. Though you can work from anywhere even from your bed, make sure to have a dedicated working room for you. Sitting leisurely on your couch or on your bed will bring you many unnecessary naps and laziness and this will obviously hamper your work productivity.

How can entrepreneurs have self-discipline and follow Time Management?

Set fixed working hours

As a life coach mentor, I am telling you this from my personal experience that setting fixed working hours is very very important when you are working from home. The reason being, in this case, you don’t have anybody to report to. You become lazy and work whenever you feel like. Obviously, our mind does not want to work with the same enthusiasm every day. Someday, you like doing everything all together and the other day you feel like not even leaving your bed. So, time management is very important for work-from-home entrepreneurs.

Let people around you know your working time

The biggest problem with work-from-home entrepreneurs is that the people around him/her think he/she is available all the time. Don’t let people do that and affect the productivity of your work by disturbing you at any random hours. Let them know your working hours and ask them not to disturb you at that time. Sometimes, even your family members disturb your work by asking you to do little house chores. Though sometimes it can be a good idea to get up from your working table and go to the market to get vegetables. This way you will be able to take a short break from work too. So, manage this thing according to your convenience and make sure not to hamper your work productivity at any rate.

Keep home distractions aside

When you are working from home as an entrepreneur, it is pretty common to get distracted throughout the day, unlike in offices where there is a complete work environment. Like sometimes, you would feel like having a light snack, and then you would leave your table and walk up to the fridge. Avoid such distractions and stay focused on your work. Here, you yourself have to be disciplined and make sure not to get indulged in any kind of household distractions. Let your family members enjoy their time. Just don’t be tempted by them to get involved in that. Focus on your work. Rest things can be done later.

Use technology to track things

It becomes pretty difficult if you yourself have to manage everything and work-from-home entrepreneurs are required to do that. No matter how good a memory you have or how good you’re at making notes, there will be something that will slip away from your mind. Here, the only thing that can save you is technology. Yes, embrace it. Download the time-tracking apps, work management apps, productivity tools, project management software, activity planners, and other such software to keep everything on track for you. This way, you will be able to monitor everything without putting much time and brain.

Limit the number of times you check social media

Even you will agree with the fact that social media is the biggest cause of distraction not just for work-from-home entrepreneurs but for everyone from students to job aspirants. Unlike in offices where you are strictly forbidden to access anything on the internet other than your work, you are free to do just anything when working from home. Here, nobody is to monitor your activities. So, promise yourself not to login into your social media during your working hours, obviously if your work is not related to social media only.

How can entrepreneurs have self-discipline and follow Time Management?

Manage time wisely

As a work-from-home entrepreneur, you yourself have to manage your time, schedule, as well as family. You don’t have a fixed time for work. So, manage time wisely and make sure to find a balance between your personal and professional life. Don’t give too much time to your work and don’t get too much involved in your family activities either. Time is the key in professional life, so utilize it in the best way.

Put your mobile on silent

Yes, you are working alone and you won’t give off any unprofessional vibes like you might do when your phone rings at office meet-ups, but still, it is very important to put your mobile on silent. I will even say to keep it completely silent, not even on vibration. The reason being, you can’t resist holding your phone and checking it as many times as it will beep for notification and I am sure it will definitely beep at least 2-3 times in an hour considering the way we use our mobile. So, you have to be self-disciplined and resist your urge to check your mobile frequently. For this, the best option is to put it on complete silent mode and check it back when you are out of working hours.

Maintain your health

Maintaining your health is also a part of self-discipline when working from home as an entrepreneur. You must be wondering how it is. Right? Okay, let me tell you. When you work from home, you don’t have a fixed time for eating, drinking, sleeping, and exercising like you have when you work in an office. You just do what you feel like without bothering about your health. You have an unbalanced lifestyle and this is very very harmful to your health in the long run. Getting your health affected means getting your professional career ruined. So, follow a healthy lifestyle and make sure to maintain your health.


Having self-discipline while working from home as an entrepreneur might seem difficult, especially at the initial stage, but once you start following everything strictly, you get used to it and it becomes a habit. Yes, I, Gordon Grigg, a life coach in Nashville Tennessee, am telling you this from my personal experience because I deal with hundreds of such cases daily.

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