My Approach

I am a person who believes in  creating relationships. The beauty of being an entrepreneur and a business consultant is that I get to work with people, I like and in businesses or organizations I know, I can help.

So for me, everything starts with a conversation. I like to hear about the dreams that people nurture, share their stories and discuss the areas of their lives or business they are currently being challenged.

Then, if the fit is right, I share from my own experiences in business, life and my vast pool of relationships and different ways I may be of help. It really is just that simple.

So, all we need to do is start a conversation. The worst thing that can happen is we have a conversation that lasts a few minutes and we both are better off for the time spent.

Gordon Grigg

My Story So Far…I am not done yet!
Cliff’s Notes Version of Life

1985 Graduate of UNC-CH

Restaurateur and Club owner – Minute Man Pizza, Punchline Comedy Club, Peaches Nightclub

Landscaping Company owner – Founder, Perfection Landscaping

Insurance and Investments National Leader – New York Life Insurance

Sports and Entertainment Agency NFL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR, IRL Sponsorships and Music Agent – PMG

Business Consultant and Life Coach – PMG

Financial Advisor – PFG – RIA

Construction leader, Business Advisor, Life Coach

Construction Company founder – The Premier Builder Group

Media Company founder – The Premier Media Group

The Whole Story

Everyone has a life and a story to tell. I have learned that the story is heard in person but for now, here are the highlights. 

Having attended some of the finest schools one could attend, I spent my High School years in Richmond, Virginia attending Collegiate Schools and then moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, where I attended Charlotte Latin. I started college in Boone, North Carolina at Appalachian State University, and next transferred to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Eventually, I received a BS Degree in Political Science and minored in Business and Psychology.

Early Years

I am an entrepreneur at heart, I started my first company while finishing up my senior year at UNC-CH, getting my degree and graduating in 3.5 years. In 1985, I started the pizza delivery restaurant, Minute Man Pizza expanding the business to several locations in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. During the same time, I leveraged the restaurant relationships to partnering in well-known businesses, like the Punchline Comedy Club and Peaches Nightclub. In 1987, I partnered with two friends to create Perfection Landscaping, a commercial and residential landscaping company serving the Greater Charlotte market.

New York Life

In late 1989, I entered into the insurance industry as an agent for New York Life Insurance Company. During the following years, I was honored to be one of the top-performing agents in the country. Consistently ranked in the top 1% in sales, assets under management and the number of cases sold. During my time as an agent, I secured my Series 6, 7, and 24 Securities Licenses and earned the designations of Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC). I ended my time as a captive agent with New York Life in 1996. During this time, I averaged over 1000 new cases a year, 100 million in new assets under management was brought in annually and was a leader in health insurance cases for large and small businesses.

RIA / Sports Agency

In 1996, I transitioned from a captive agent at New York Life and opened my own firm, First Financial Enterprises as a Registered Investment Adviser. RIA, which eventually became PFG. I was the principal partner, opening offices in Dallas, Texas, Hilton Head, South Carolina, Scottsdale, Arizona, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Nashville, Tennessee. We managed the financial plans of wealthy individuals, entrepreneurs, and families, providing investment advice and alternative investments in real estate, partnerships, and private equity.

We combined PFG with PMG and formed a new Sports Agency and Marketing firm where we worked with some of the top drivers, teams, and sponsors in NASCAR and the Indy Racy League (IRL), securing over $100 million in sponsorships and endorsements.

PMG represented the individual interest of professional athletes in the CFL, NFL, MLB and various leagues in Europe, Israel and South America. PMG Management enjoyed working with some of the top names in entertainment, as an agency and or agent. We secured recording contracts, sponsorship packages and even booked talents for some of the largest concert events in the world. We are more than thankful to all the people we were able to serve and the many partnerships that made the business possible. We believed in serving the professional and financial interest of our clients, and the vast network of relationships allowed us to serve our clients in the areas of Private Equity, Sports, Music, Finance, and Business.

Life Coach and Business Consultant in Nashville & Charlotte

Starting in 2005, the Protrust Companies began focusing on assisting people and businesses beyond their financial and marketing goals. I began to offer my clients access to my relationships in all areas of business and personal development. The transition to assisting people with their personal and professional goals was the next logical step in our goal to help people and businesses maximize their lives and values.

We now offered everything in-house, from family planning to counseling, to conflict resolution and accomplishing personal and professional goals. We termed it Business Life and Professional Coaching. This area of the company exploded and by 2007 was the majority of our business focus and continues to be the case even today. I was the Life Coach before it became the popular term it is today.

Business Consultant / Life Coach / Construction

Starting in September 2014, I began working with a real estate investor and home builder as a project manager for home renovations and flipping properties. Since that time, I have completed over 42 homes, formed two construction companies, the latest is The Premier Builder Group, located in Nashville, Tennessee.

I continue to offer expert advice to clients in business and personal development.

Media and Marketing

In 2018, I opened The Premier Media Group, a result of the demands of my clients and an underserved segment in the business community. Our focus is on ALL THINGS MEDIA, and we help clients and individuals create effective marketing plans that are focused on new social media applications, old mediums for marketing and maximizing corporate or brand value.

Business Coach

Now is the best time to change everything!

Go ahead and give me a call, send a text or drop me an email. Let's get a conversation started.

Business Coach

Now is the best time to change everything!

Go ahead and give me a call, send a text or drop me an email. Let's get a conversation started.