Patience is a Virtue for Entrepreneurial Success

Patience is a virtue for entrepreneurial success

Adolf “Adi” Dassler, the man who started Adidas, is the best example of how some of the best brands of today got their start with patience and why patience is a virtue for entrepreneurial success.

In a little German town called Bavaria, Dassler had started his shoemaking career in his mother’s bathroom.

It was there that Dassler began to create and experiment with shoes and made the decision that he wanted to create the best sports shoe for athletes.

Even though there were many shoe manufacturers at the time, Dassler was committed to differentiating his products by asking athletes for their opinions on the features they wanted in a shoe, any problems that needed to be fixed, and their impressions of his prototypes.

Dassler registered “Adi Dassler Adidas Sportschuhfabrik” in 1949, when he was 49. This gave him respectability and allowed him to make athletic shoes that people loved.

The first pair of shoes with the soon-to-be-iconic Adidas three stripes was registered that same year.

In 1954, the German football team beat Hungary in the World Cup final while wearing brand-new Adidas cleats. Dassler achieved his goal of making the best shoe for athletes.

Since then, Adidas has grown into a worldwide brand known for making high-quality athletic wear. Dassler’s story shows how important it is to be patient and listen to clients’ goals, needs, and problems.

I am Gordon Grigg, a life coach and business consultant from Nashville, Tennessee, and I aim to help people learn from my successes and mistakes.

During my business career, I was often aware of my lack of patience, which was caused by my intense focus on getting things done and my sense of urgency.

Some days, I became aware of the need to strike a balance between the need to move at a rapid pace and the need to retain people and teams on board, to avoid losing them because of a fast pace.

And what I learned is that:

Patience is a virtue for entrepreneurial success.

Patience is a virtue for entrepreneurial success

Continue reading this article to see how to achieve your goals without instant gratification.

Patience is a virtue and one of the most healthy and helpful virtues, along with honesty, kindness, and empathy.

Because stress from daily life and work makes us angry so often, patience might be one of the most complex virtues to master.

However, it’s crucial to understand the value of patience to improve our business relationships.

A goal is not always meant to be reached. It often serves simply as something to aim at.
Bruce Lee

Imagine that you are eager to obtain financing or begin a business. With all your hard work, you want results now. I wish you luck with that.

But instead, be aware that this isn’t how things typically function.

Here is why business owners should practice self-control and patience in almost everything. This will help them, particularly when interacting with employees and other stakeholders.

1. Patience helps you avoid making rash decisions

Patience is a virtue for entrepreneurial success

When you want something now, you may ignore concerns about the correct time or location for that development or event to take place because you are more concerned with how it will feel when you obtain what you want.

This hasty decision often leads to launching a bad product or service that hasn’t been fully developed yet.

This makes a bad first impression, which is very important. In addition, moving quickly from one stage to the next gives your team little time to correct any mistakes you may make.

Spend time on proper research, market and competitor analysis, and figuring out your target audience.

2. Nothing worthwhile comes easily in this life

Whether you want to make a new connection, learn a new skill, or start a business, it takes time to do anything worthwhile.

The numbers may not be increasing at first. But before your growth graph displays enormous numbers and wide bars, the compounding process always begins with small outcomes.

I am aware that it is easier said than done. I doubted everything from the beginning to the end when I started. But every week, I tried to gain trust and belief and did everything I could in the hopes that the work would pay off.

You may have heard: “Rome was not built in a day.”

Be honest, make as many improvements as possible, and have optimism. Don’t give up just yet; someday, everything will work out. Retry, then retry, and retry.

Only by triumphing in these small battles within yourself every day will you be able to win the war you see going on around you.

3. Patience Develops A Strong Brand

Patience is a virtue for entrepreneurial success

It’s important to remember that building a company and brand that will last will require you to be patient, no matter what.

Whether it takes a year or even a decade to attain the goal, society will always admire and recognize people who work hard and consistently to achieve their business goals.

4. Patience Helps You to Develops Self-Control

Self-control is a crucial component needed for personal development and reaching professional goals. Without knowing that patience is a virtue, your emotions will always get the best of you, and you won’t be able to act in the right way.

So when dealing with an angry consumer, patience will help you keep cool.

On the other hand, if you lack patience, you lack self-control. Lack of self-control makes it hard to plan, talk, and set reasonable expectations.

5. Patience helps you build your resilience

Patience is a virtue for entrepreneurial success

Building resilience—the ability to recover from and cope with setbacks —is more crucial than ever. Resilience is an essential quality for entrepreneurs, small business owners, instructors, students, and for everyone else,

Despite unexpected obstacles, you remain committed to your mission with patience and resilience.

So, you don’t let lousy judgment drag you down, and you know that your goal is attainable and worth working toward. In general, knowing that patience is a virtue makes you more productive in the long run.

6. Patience increases tolerance

Naturally, managing a business involves many difficulties. To accept and deal with these issues, you must demonstrate tolerance at a higher level as a business owner.

You can react more quickly when challenges are accepted as an everyday occurrence.

You must realize that operating in the corporate world can occasionally be uncomfortable.

However, you’ll be able to tackle every problem after that without experiencing any more pain or anger.

7. Patience increases your gratitude

When it takes longer to obtain something, and you finally get it, you will appreciate it more.

Unfortunately, instant satisfaction seekers frequently miss out on that feeling of thankfulness.

But when you carefully climb that mountain and reach the top, you might feel an unbeatable sense of happiness because you know you worked hard to get there.

8. Patience helps in establishing a welcoming workplace culture

As a startup founder, you are creating more than simply a business. You are also creating the environment that will become the culture of your business in the long run.

Your workplace must inspire employees to look forward to going to work in order to recruit and keep the best employees.

When people at the top are impatient, it can create an aggressive, hostile environment that makes everyone on your staff feel bad.

The tension that such a work atmosphere produces may make them desire to run away or hide beneath their desks.

Knowing that patience is a virtue and practicing it will help your team members stay with you by making work more fun.

As a result, hiring and training new personnel will take less time. As your business expands, you’ll save money and attract other great talents.


You need to improve your decision-making by taking a deep breath, considering your options before acting, and concentrating on how to slow down.

These wiser choices will assist you in getting the outcomes you want and boosting your company’s performance.

Knowing that patience is a virtue and one of the core values that make up your entrepreneurial spirit will make you more likely to form strong, long-lasting partnerships.

This includes the people you meet and network with at industry and entrepreneurial events, the workers you hire and need to keep, investors, potential clients, clients, and even media contacts.

Unparalleled happiness comes from knowing that your patience paid off.

If you need help mastering patience, I am here to help. I am Gordon Grigg, a professional life coach, keynote speaker, and business consultant.

Contact me for personalized assistance in developing successful entrepreneurial habits.

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