The Productivity Process for Business Success You Need to Know

The productivity process is a metric for measuring economic or commercial performance that shows how effectively individuals, organizations, sectors, and entire economies turn inputs like labor and capital into outputs like goods and services.

The “personal productivity process” is a term for the things that make people make the most of their time at work.

Their productivity could go down for many reasons, like not being interested in the work or business, getting interrupted at work, needing a better balance between work and life, or just needing to be more organized.

There isn’t a single strategy that works for everyone to increase personal productivity. For instance, what is effective for a salesperson might not be effective for an accountant. That is why it is important to know what a business coach does and how they can help.

In this case, business coaches can help, train, and motivate you and your employees to do more with less stress and effort.

I am Gordon Grigg, a business coach with many success stories behind me. I can help you and your team boost the productivity process and be more effective.

With my business coaching, you and your team will:

Increase open dialogue

The Productivity Process For Business Success you Need to Know

Honest employee communication provides a platform for excellent working cultures. Open communication lays the groundwork for a productive working environment where employees feel free to express their genuine opinions because they know you’re okay with listening to them.

In addition, it helps people get to know each other, making them more comfortable, being honest and open with their bosses and boosting the productivity process.

Feel supported

People frequently believe that if their employer understood their ambitions, they wouldn’t support them. As a result, they keep their objectives a secret.

With open communication, they feel encouraged when an employer asks what their goals are and how they can help reach them.

With my help, you will get loyal staff who will be motivated and do their best to fulfill their tasks.

Increases workplace satisfaction

The Productivity Process For Business Success you Need to Know

Harvard released a piece in 1973 titled “Why Employees Stay” that is still relevant today.

According to the study results, the essential parts of a job that make employees happy are getting things done, being recognized for them, being responsible for them, and having chances to grow.

People are happier in their roles when they believe their work will help them achieve their goals. In addition, it makes them feel satisfied with their work.

Increases productivity

People will be more driven and, thus, more productive if they can see how their actions can bring them where they want to go.

Making an employee’s goal an employer’s goal is a mutually beneficial process.

I will help you understand, find, and give employees, jobs and projects that will help them get the experiences they need to get closer to their goals.

Managers often ask about a person’s goals, but they only ask about goals related to that company.

Therefore, we will focus on the overall goals of the employees. As an employer, this gives you the knowledge and skills you need to help the employees succeed.

Provide a wellness initiative

The Productivity Process For Business Success you Need to Know

Both good physical and mental health can increase people’s productivity process. For example, the Harvard Business Review stated that people with good mental health are 23% more productive, and physically healthy employees are 17% more productive.

By concentrating on the whole person, benefits like weight-loss programs, health exams, or on-site fitness equipment are fantastic methods that help teams increase their overall productivity.

So we will offer wellness programs according to a person’s needs to raise their loyalty towards the company and increase their productivity process.

Stimulate vacations

The Productivity Process For Business Success you Need to Know

Burnout among employees is a significant issue in every sector. A 2019 study in the journal Psychology and Health, on the other hand, found that vacations can improve relationships, emotional health, cognitive performance, and physical health.

Create a supportive workplace culture

Overall, all of this contributes to a pleasant workplace culture where employees want to work because they believe it is a step toward achieving what they ultimately want to do, even if that is not something that organization offers.

In addition, this will increase productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

In addition, I will help you and your team avoid productivity killers.

In the same way that there are observable ways to boost productivity, there are also elements of the workplace that can have the opposite effect.

Too many meetings

The Productivity Process For Business Success you Need to Know

Meetings that clearly define each employee’s job and how the project is supposed to flow are very effective.

However, some companies go too far, such as when daily, back-to-back meetings are routinely planned without considering who can attend and what else is happening.

The more time an employee spends in meetings throughout the day, the less time they spend interacting with clients or completing important tasks.

There are several simple ways to reduce your team’s time in meetings.

Organize little groups: Think about which workers are actually required to attend a certain meeting. Are all members of the department required to attend that particular meeting? If not, give them more time to work on other projects.

Think about emails: A quick email can take the place of some meetings. If the topic of conversation can be settled in less than ten minutes, it is probably better to conduct it through an email thread.

Make agendas for meetings: A purpose-driven, well-structured meeting will go more quickly, and having a clear agenda shared in advance helps people get ready.

Distracting social media sites

The Productivity Process For Business Success you Need to Know

During the workday, we check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok for at least a few minutes.

Since social media platforms can be effective tools for the company but are also made to snag your attention, it’s fair to say that social media is a murky area.

Being drawn in, on the other hand, can be a significant time waster.

We will make a policy for how your business uses social media that explains the difference between mindless browsing that has nothing to do with business and productive social media use.

Noisy coworkers

Productivity depends on patience and focus, and a noisy workplace can disrupt employee focus. A chatty coworker frequently makes the noise level worse.

Most noise from coworkers comes from office chatter, tapping on the keyboard, and tapping on the floor. This kind of noise can be stressful, and there is a lot of proof that stress and lack of productivity go hand in hand.

Consider getting a separate break room or refreshment space to reduce the amount of office chatter that makes it hard to work.

Of course, you want to steer talk away from unproductive coworkers, but you don’t want to eliminate it completely because that would hurt the working culture in the long run.

While this happens, think about putting in noise-canceling decorations to repair twitchy and noisy equipment. Workplace separators, planters, and rugs can reduce noise while enhancing the atmosphere.

If all else fails, think about getting your crew some noise-canceling headphones.

Using a smartphone during working hours

According to research by Insider Intelligence, the typical American smartphone user will spend 4 hours and 16 minutes a day using their device in 2020.

So how much of that usage happened while they were working for the business?

We’d probably guess that your staff isn’t paying close attention to business-related issues when this happens.

Awareness and prevention are the keys to lowering smartphone usage during the workday. Think about distributing smartphone usage information to your staff.

Some people might be shocked by how much focus their smartphones require. Ask your staff to put their phones in “do not disturb” mode while at work.

However, keep in mind the value of flexibility since there may be occasions when a worker needs to use their phone for a necessary reason. They may become less productive as a result, but they will value having a manager who recognizes that sometimes life gets in the way.


Even though many say they are good at doing more than one thing at a time, it is almost always better to focus on one thing at a time. Several studies have shown that doing more than one thing at once can cut a person’s productivity by as much as 40%.

Make sure everyone on the team is working equally, at the very least. Instead of always giving tasks based on role or title, give them to the people who are most qualified or eager to do them.

When people have realistic expectations, they don’t have to do as many things at once or try as hard.

Now is your turn

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