Why You Should Delegate Work Wisely and Do Yourself What You Do Well

When you own a business and work with a team, delegating the work to your team members as well as to yourself is a tricky thing. For instance, you are not good at analyzing things but if you keep this work to yourself and distribute the other work to your team members, you will never be able to figure out the main cause of failures in your business. This is why it is very important to identify yours as well as your team members’ potential and then work accordingly if you really want to gain success as a businessman.

I, Gordon Grigg, a life coach and business consultant in Nashville, Tennessee, deal with many people daily who are all trying hard but not getting success only because of the lack of delegation. Hence, if you are really serious about your business, you should find the experts in everything. Read on below to know why you should hire someone for what you don’t do well and should do yourself what you’re an expert at.

Why You Should Delegate Work Wisely and Do Yourself What You Do Well

Increases productivity

The biggest benefit of delegation is that you will be able to increase the productivity of your work because when you distribute the work according to the potential of the worker, they will be able to give more in less time. Plus, they won’t feel burdened or stressed out because they would be doing the work they are an expert at. This way, the productivity of not just the workers but the whole business will be increased and you will obviously get better results.

Creates a happy workspace

Just imagine how things would be if you are asking a boxer to play cricket or a footballer to play tennis. The same thing applies to the workspaces too. If you delegate the work of a writer to a designer or the workers of the finance department working for the production department, they will never be happy. It will eventually create an unhappy workspace, where obviously nobody wants to work. Therefore you should follow the right delegation strategy and create a happy workspace for your organization.

Ensures the growth of the organization

As a business owner, everybody wants to see only the growth of the organization. Unfortunately, achieving it and then maintaining it is not as simple as it sounds. For that, you need to follow well-planned strategies and effective delegation is one of them. If you are delegating the work to the right person and keeping the right work to yourself, you will definitely see booming growth in your business, that too in very less time. The reason being, everyone will be doing their allotted work in the possibly best way.

Helps you get the best out of everyone

Getting the work done in the best way by your workers is not a piece of cake. Sometimes, you need to explain many details again and again to your workers and, even after that, they fail to give the expected results. Do you know why? Simply because they are not meant for that particular task. Everyone can’t do everything. This is why before delegating the work to your workers, first, find out their potential and then delegate the work accordingly. This way, you will be able to get the best out of everyone and obviously reap the best results.

Why You Should Delegate Work Wisely and Do Yourself What You Do Well

Helps develop a good relationship with your workers

The biggest benefit of proper delegation is that it helps you develop a good and amiable relationship with your workers. The reason being, you don’t have to nag at your workers over and over again to get a particular task done. If they are good at that particular niche, they will simply be giving their best even if you don’t explain the ins and outs of the task. You just assign the work to them and they will do it happily. Given the fact, there is no place for annoying communication or irritating behavior from either side.

Makes you a good leader

Leadership qualities and delegation strategies are two complementary things. They go hand in hand. In fact, managing delegation or working well with your workers is the first step towards good leadership. If you manage to implement delegation strategies effectively, you are definitely a good leader. However, if you are lacking in this, you are not a good leader. This is why learning delegation strategies and implementing them with yourself as well as workers make you a good leader over time.

Frees you up for bigger things

If you will do everything by yourself and won’t delegate the work to your workers, you won’t be able to achieve big things. The reason being, you will keep banging your head on small things only. Considering the fact, it is a wise idea to delegate the work to your workers according to their potential and keep yourself free for bigger things, which is your ultimate goal. As the owner of the business, it’s only you, who knows what your goal is and how you have to achieve this. If you follow the right delegation strategy, you will definitely find a lot of time for yourself to focus on bigger things while getting the other work done as best as possible.

Encourages to achieve more

When someone does their favorite work or the work they are expert at, they are encouraged automatically to achieve more and more because they enjoy the work and have fun while doing it. They love exploring new things in that particular niche and try to do something new every time. Not just that, they also use their creativity and initiatives to get better results than ever, which is not only beneficial for them but also for the organization at a big level. When you see your employees working great, you are encouraged to plan bigger things for you. Thus, effective delegation encourages both, you as well as your workers.

Why You Should Delegate Work Wisely and Do Yourself What You Do Well

Teaches to work in a team

Another benefit of well-planned delegation is that it teaches each and every employee to work in a team in a cordial way. The reason behind this is that when someone is an expert at something, he/she expresses themselves openly without any fear of what others will think about his/her knowledge. This way, things come clearly on the table by everyone and there is no room for assumptions. All employees learn to appreciate each other and work in a team to ensure the growth of the organization. Plus, they themselves learn new things from each other.

Ensures no stressed work

Tell me, will you enjoy working where you are stressed all day? Of course not, right? Well, the thing applies to everyone. If you have a stressed workspace, no employees would prefer to work for you. Nobody wants to work under pressure and stress all the time. Employees need freedom and open space where they can express themselves openly and use their own brains to give their best and this would be possible only if you are assigning them to work according to their potential. Only then, they will not feel under stress or pressure and work at their best potential.

Helps hone the skill

One never stops learning. You must have heard this proverb, right? Well, effective delegation strategies open a new door for you as well as your employees to learn new things every day and hone their skills in a wide spectrum. The reason being, they would be working with experts in a particular thing. They will learn new things from them and try to emulate themselves as well. Given the fact, here everybody has the opportunity to widen their knowledge and grow professionally.

Makes work smother

Delegation is the best way to get your work done smoothly in less time without creating any stress for yourself as well as your employees. If the right person is doing the work, he does not only increase the productivity of the work but also does it in the most efficient way. This is why it is very important to assign the work to the right person if you want to get it done in the most efficient and smoothest way.

Ensures open communication

Another good benefit of right delegation is that it ensures open communication between you and your employees as well as between the employees themselves. When someone has deep knowledge about something, he/she doesn’t shy away from talking about it. This ensures open communication leaving no space for misunderstanding between the employees. Plus, it also provides an open space for your employees to interact with you because they won’t feel any fear or hesitation while talking to their higher authority when they have deep knowledge about something.


As a business consultant and life coach in Nashville, Tennessee, I, Gordon Grigg, am telling you that effective delegation is very important for the growth of an organization or an entrepreneur. I have already told you the benefits of proper delegation. Now, you yourself decide. I once again say that delegation is not just giving someone a job and getting it done anyway. No, it does not work this way.