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My Approach

I am a person who believes in creating relationships. The beauty of being an entrepreneur and a business consultant is that I get to work with people, I like and in businesses or organizations I know, I can help.

So for me, everything starts with a conversation. I like to hear about the dreams that people nurture, share their stories and discuss the areas of their lives or business they are currently being challenged.

Then, if the fit is right, I share from my own experiences in business, life and my vast pool of relationships and different ways I may be of help. It really is just that simple.

So, all we need to do is start a conversation. The worst thing that can happen is we have a conversation that lasts a few minutes and we both are better off for the time spent.

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Years of experience

The Whole Story

Everyone has a life and a story to tell. I have learned that the story is heard in person but for now, here are the highlights.

Having attended some of the finest schools one could attend, I spent my High School years in Richmond, Virginia attending Collegiate Schools and then moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, where I attended Charlotte Latin. I started college in Boone, North Carolina at Appalachian State University, and next transferred to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Eventually, I received a BS Degree in Political Science and minored in Business and Psychology.

My Belief

Knowledge applied is power

I am thankful to all our past and current clients, and all the companies and individuals, we share with our clients. I believe that personal development is an ongoing process, which should never stop and I take pride in sharing my knowledge with people around me.

Now is the best time to change everything!

Go ahead and give me a call, send a text or drop me an email. Let’s get a conversation started.

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